Two Fireballs Over Wigan On The 10th April 2009

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Two Fireballs Over Wigan On The 10th April 2009

Post  jof on Sat Apr 11, 2009 4:08 am

hello all, well strangely enough myself and Dave were putting some finishing touches to the new website and this new forum last night when we witnessed two large fireballs over my house in Wigan, England. The first fireball burned for about a minute or moved out of sight. It was very cloudy and at first i presumed it was a plane engine that had caught on fire. I then when to make two tea's and a few minutes passed. When I stepped back outside Dave shouted there's another one, I looked up and saw it burning quite intensely. It continued to burn for about 2 minutes and then disappear like the last.

Dave then told me that the second fireball had traveled horizontally across the sky and then made a dead stop. Which is when I came out the house and saw it.

Now am not an expert but if that was space junk burning up am sure it wouldn't be moving then suddenly stop? I don't have a answer to what it was but made things interesting. Thanks Jof

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