Summoning UFOs & My Experience

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Summoning UFOs & My Experience

Post  jof on Fri Apr 24, 2009 5:32 pm

Found this post online and seemed very simple so i tried it and literally as i stepped outside i saw a bright pulsing light for about 5 secs then nothing. Then read some replies to the post and a guy reports the same thing. (the posts are below) Try it.


Start by walking outside preferably at night. Put your hands together and speak a prayer with your inner voice. Make it short and say you want to see them and if it’s OK now give a sighting. The main thing to do is remain calm…Try to project your voice in your head into the sky above you. I did this and on the 2nd night I looked up to see 3 small greenish dots moving across the sky.

Aliens are telepathic and they can receive thoughts from long distances.
**Don’t know about who you’re do this on your own accord, I take NO responsibility


This has worked for me as well on occassion. My methodology is a little different though. I usually start by meditating, often using a Monroe Institute Hemi-Synch CD to help me change my brain-wave patterns and obtain a semi "trance" like state. Then I call out within my mind very clearly over and over again, and ask them to give me a sign of their presence. I do picture my thoughts being transported out into space, like a giant homing beacon. Often times after doing this for a half hour or so, I will get a response. I will see something flash brightly in the sky, like a mini-explosion. Then often times, an object will emerge from that flash and move away quickly. I have also had them flash series of flashes like the above described--Like 3 or 4 bright pulsing flashes, then then disappear.

People will scoff and ridicule at this type of stuff, but I do feel that it works if practiced regularly and dilligently. It has certainly worked for me as far as I'm concerned. I think raising our vibration and consciousness and putting very focused thought and intent out there is what draws them in to interact.

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